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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Across The Entire Gold Coast Region

Carpet Cleaning - Gold Coast- Professional Carpet CleaningWe offer Gold Coast carpet cleaning, lounge and mattress cleaning using the Carpet Master Cleaning System which comprises a fully automatic electric portable machine with built-in heaters, a high pressure solution pump and twin vacuum pumps. This is coupled to a heavy cleaning head which ensures a good vacuum seal against the carpet at all times and carries an array of essential tools and spot removers at the operator’s fingertips.

A specially developed cleaning solution (1 part concentrate to 999 parts water) heated to 80oC is blasted onto the carpet pile directly from the cleaning head and this is vacuumed back a split second later.

Because there are no labels on wall to wall carpets, and carpet fibre identification is often unreliable because of the number of blended carpets, we prefer to do multiple passes with a cleaning solution which we know is safe on all fibre types rather than using aggressive pre-sprays and risking carpet damage. Marks on carpets generally fall into three groups:-

  • Water Soluble – which are removed with the high pressure water-based solution passing through our cleaning head.
  • Solvent Soluble – which are removed by spraying the volatile solvent carried on the cleaning head, followed by hand agitation if appropriate.
  • Insoluble – which generally cannot be removed at all. There are some exceptions, such as rust, but we do not use high risk chemicals, such as bleach, because we have seen the damage caused by others.

Emergency Stain Removal is a separate issue. Many insoluble stains started off as soluble marks which could have been removed with prompt attention, but they become permanent stains as a result of neglect or unskilled cleaning attempts.

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