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Cleaning in Mermaid Beach made easy.

Why struggle to get your home or office looking clean, when you can get a domestic cleaning or office cleaning professional in Mermaid Beach to do the hard work for you?

Let your friends & family think you’re a domestic god/dess with our domestic cleaning service in Mermaid Beach – No one will ever know

Gone are the days of gender roles, everyone is expected to do everything. Between having a career, a family and keeping the house maintained there is very little time for much else.

Or is there?

Why not have it all without killing yourself over it.

Work hard, play hard and let us keep your home clean and tidy. With a little help from our domestic cleaning service in Mermaid Beach you can have it all.

Our friendly domestic cleaners can come at a time that’s convenient to you and leave you home looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We provide an economical solution to your domestic cleaning needs that means you don’t have to stretch yourself to stay on top of things. When things get on top of you we can provide a domestic cleaner to take care of the overflow, or if you want to schedule in a domestic cleaner to visit you on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis we can also organise that for you.

Our office cleaning in Mermaid Beach’s business is to make your business shine!

First impressions count. A dirty office can make clients feel uncomfortable, why would anyone sit in a grubby office with a glass of water they probably won’t risk drinking.

Office cleaning is essential for a company if you want a happy and healthy workforce. Health issues due to unsanitary work conditions can mean numerous man hours are lost to sick days.

Schedule one of our friendly office cleaners and enjoy a clean, fresh working environment that both clients and staff will appreciate.

Carpet Cleaning in Mermaid Beach and stop you living room feeling like the beach

Sand traipsing in and out, some of it is bound to get on the carpet, but not just that. Your carpet is a great air filter, it traps dirt, dust, dead skin cells, pet hairs etc.. So, what happens when you don’t keep up regular cleans?

Your carpet can become unsanitary, smelly, dull and unsightly.

Carpeting is a major investment, so it’s worth maintaining. Some carpet warranties are only redeemable on carpets that have proof of regular carpet cleaning, so call us now to ensure you warranty stays intact.

Domestic cleaning, office cleaning and carpet cleaning in Mermaid Beach has never been more easy.

Schedule in a regular clean and never worry about the house work again, or keep us in mind when you need an extra helping hand.

Call 0406 320 001 in Mermaid Beach and speak with one of our friendly team, we can provide a free quote so you can