15 October 2017 in News

3 Reasons You Should Have Your Office Cleaned Right Now!

Some people say they spend more time in the office than they do their own homes, so it stands to reason that you would want a clean and tidy living environment.

Emerald Cut Cleaning provides quality commercial cleaning that will leave your office looking and smelling fresh and clean.

We’ve come up with the top three reasons to call Emerald Cut Cleaning in to do your office cleans.

Making a good impression

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’, and if your first impression is a dirty one that can be hard to pull back. When a client is putting their business in your hands they want someone that will go the extra mile, if you can’t even vacuum your own office floor what does that say about your care factor?

When Emerald Cut Cleaning look after your cleaning services you will never have to worry.

It’s a false economy

Getting your staff to pitch in for the cleaning can end up being a false economy. Your staff are there to do a job and their time can be better spent on their core function. Vacuuming, polishing and general tidying throughout the day can be quite disruptive to the team, not to mention the one that has to do it. With so many other tasks to do, how can you be assured that your staff members will do the job perfectly?

Emerald Cut Cleaning come can come into your office and since we know exactly what we are doing we can get your office looking ship shape in no time, and with no disruption to your day.

 Stay healthy

The Sydney Morning Herald researched the cost of poor hygiene in offices, and it works out that approximately 1.6 sick days a year were taken by staff due to substandard hygiene issues.

Saving money on a cleaner might be costing you in other ways. Keeping a clean and tidy office will curb bacteria spreading and make for a happier, healthier work force.


Call Emerald Cut Cleaning today for the very best in commercial cleaning services on the Gold Coast.

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