5 November 2017 in News

Are dirty carpets harmful to your health?

Dirty carpets can be a nightmare. Not only they look bad, but sometimes they give off awful odors as well. But the worst thing about dirty carpets isn’t the blow to the aesthetics of your home. The worst thing about a dirty carpet is the health hazard that it poses to you and your family. Dirty carpets are harmful for your health in quite a few ways. Here’s 3 you particularly need to be aware of.

Breathing issues

Dirty carpets are great breeding grounds for all sorts of little nasty organisms. Mostly, these are bacteria, fungi, dust mites etc. Over time, pet hair, human skin cells etc. accumulate in the carpet, which promotes the growth of these undesirable organisms. As a result, when people walk on your carpets, these organisms rise up in the air. This can cause breathing problems if these organisms get into your breathing tract.

Skin irritation and allergies

Dirty carpets promote the growth of both living and non-living irritants than may cause all sorts of issues with your skin and allergies. These irritants can cause redness, swelling and itching. Diseases like athlete’s foot can also affect you since it is caused by fungi. But that’s only the tip of a very nasty iceberg if you have allergy problems. Dirty carpets can have serious implications if someone in your household is allergic to dust mites.


It has been proven in multiple independent studies that a dirty environment can cause higher level of stress. A higher level of stress can lead to all sort of mental and physical issues over the years.

As you can see, dirty carpets can prove to be quite a health hazard. So, if your carpet is looking like it needs a good cleaning session, don’t hesitate to give Emerald Cut Cleaning Services a call. We’re the best carpet cleaning service on the Gold Coast and we will be more than happy to help you with office cleaning, domestic cleaning and much more.

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