5 September 2017 in Blog

Top Tips to Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

Cleaning the home is not something most people enjoy spending their spare time doing, but unfortunately it does have to get done or the place will turn into a complete shambles. There are certain things that make domestic cleaning seem more daunting though, and in this post we’ll look at some tips to help make the cleaning process generally a little bit easier.

Have a Domestic Cleaning Schedule/Roster

Everyone who lives in the home who is above the infant age bracket should participate in doing at least some of the cleaning and household chores. If the bulk of the cleaning is always left up to the one person, that person is soon going to feel both overwhelmed with the tasks, and possibly feel like they are being taken advantage of at times.

Having a day to day roster and cleaning schedule where several tasks are assigned to various members of the household will help keep the workload light for everyone, as well as serving as a reminder to get the jobs done.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Trying to dust shelves and benchtops that are jammed full of clutter is an arduous task that makes you feel like not even bothering. For starters, you feel compelled to clean every single item that’s laying about, as well as the flat surfaces themselves.

If the clutter is greatly reduced by placing most items away in cupboards, then dusting shelves and other flat surfaces is a breeze. On top of that, less clutter just looks a lot cleaner and nicer as well.

This also goes for the floors as well. How much harder is it to vacuum and mop around numerous items, always having to stop and move something out of the way. Too much floor clutter makes the job of cleaning floors take twice as long and way more tiring.

Keep It Regular

The longer you leave something between cleans, the harder that surface or item or room will be to clean when you do finally get around to it. Cleaning a home that is already reasonable clean is way easier than a house that hasn’t been touched for six months.

Book in for Professional Domestic Cleaning

Whether you just want professional cleaners to clean your home occasionally or regularly, it really does take a load off your life by not having to worry about doing the bulk of the cleaning yourself.

On the Gold Coast, Emerald Cut Cleaning are your local, experienced professional domestic cleaning service. We’ll take care of all your household cleaning shores while you get to put your feet up and relax, knowing you have a clean home on a constant basis.

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