15 September 2017 in Blog

What Is a Builder’s Clean

Whether a new home has just been finished or you have had your home recently renovated, there will be mess left behind from the builders that will take an experienced team to clean up. Professional cleaners with builder’s cleaning experience know what to look for and exactly what is required to get a home up to acceptable standards. Experienced cleaners will also be able to go through an entire apartment building in quick time and have it gleaming.

While some tradies will do a token clean up after they’ve finished construction, it is usually only a mediocre effort at best, and many contractors don’t bother to clean up after themselves at all.

Let’s say you’ve just have a new kitchen and two new bathrooms built in your house to update these vital spaces, modernise your home and breathe new life back into it. These rooms will need a very thorough cleaning after the builders have packed away their tools and left.

If the entire house has been renovated then the whole home will require a thorough builder’s clean so you can move back in and enjoy your rejuvenated living space once more, or hand the property over to its new owners.

Builder’s cleans are a specialised cleaning service and should be undertaken by professionals with the experience and the expertise to know what they are doing. On the Gold Coast the company with that experience is Emerald Cut Cleaning.

We are one of the most trusted and respected cleaning companies for builder’s cleans in the entire Gold Coast region. If you have just built a brand new home, an apartment block, or have had renovations done to your home, get our team on the job and we’ll have everything up to standard in very quick time.

Simply book us in for your required date and we’ll be there to add sparkle and shine. After all, the building process is not complete until the cleaning has been done.

We are also your local experts for:

  • Cleaning services Gold Coast
  • Carpet cleaning Gold Coast
  • Domestic cleaning Gold Coast
  • Office cleaning Gold Coast

We look forward to being at your service, offering exceptional cleaning services at very fair prices.

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