5 June 2017 in Blog

How To Choose a Quality Cleaning Service on the Gold Coast

Home or office, a once-off or on a regular basis, if you are looking for professional cleaners on the Gold Coast, how do you know who to choose? Which is the best cleaning company for your needs?

After all, if you’re going to pay someone for cleaning, then you want to be assured they’ll do a meticulous job for a fair price. Not all cleaners are the same, though. Some take great pride in their work and treat as both a real business and a career path, while for others it’s “just a job” to pay the bills and buy the beer for the weekend.

Only cleaners who take pride in their work and actually care about customer satisfaction will produce excellent results.

Their Range of Services

Not all cleaners clean everything. Some specialise in carpet cleaning only, or will only do bond cleans or office cleaning. First make sure the company you decide to go with actually offers the particular service you are requiring.

Experience Counts

While everyone new to an industry deserves a chance, if you choose a cleaning services company that has only just started up, you can’t really be sure what the quality is going to be like because they have no previous reputation or track record. You are far better off going with a company that has been around for at least a few years. Longevity generally points to overall customer satisfaction, as well as having the necessary experience and knowledge – gained through hands-on work – to get the job done right and in quick time.

Choose a Company and Do Some Research

Once you have chosen a cleaning services, Gold Coast company you like the sound of, do a bit of research on them before picking up the phone and booking them in. The internet is your best friend here. While not everything you read online is true, if you can find a good cross-section of independent testimonials, recommendations and reviews on the cleaners and the consensus is generally positive, then that company is a pretty good bet.


This will definitely vary, but you should be able to arrive at a general ballpark figure for a particular service by doing your research. Keep in mind that while this industry is competitive, cleaners of high quality are likely to charge a little more than those who are less meticulous with the final results.

At Emerald Cut Cleaning on the Gold Coast we offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial cleaning services for fair prices. Our experienced team take immense pride in their work no matter what the cleaning task.

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We also do window cleaning and exterior cleaning.

Our major focus is on relieving families of the cleaning stress; especially those with young children. Life is meant to be enjoyed in your spare time, so book us in for regular domestic cleaning while you get out and enjoy everything the Gold Coast lifestyle has to offer.

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