15 June 2017 in Blog

Parts Of the Home We Often Forget To Clean

When we clean our own homes we tend to focus on the same areas most of the time. The kitchen and bathrooms will get a good cleaning, dusting will be done and the floors will be vacuumed and mopped. What you see is what gets cleaned as a general rule. It’s only natural that we tend to clean the areas that we see, and this is true even for spot cleaning.

But just because a certain zone in the home is not in full view, that doesn’t excuse it from being cleaned at least once in a while. For the purpose of hygiene and not wanting to encourage pests to take up residence in our homes, it’s important to clean these more “unseen” areas.

Let’s look at a select few areas of the home we often neglect to clean.

Inside the Cupboards

This can be any cupboard in the home, but it is particularly important to keep those kitchen cupboards and pantry clean so they don’t attract infestations of cockroaches, ants and rodents. Anywhere there is food about, pests will come hunting.

Besides that, a lot of cleaning products and detergents are often kept in kitchen cupboards, leaving behind spills and gooey grime. Hauling everything out of the cupboards occasionally and giving them all a really good clean will lead to a major reduction in pests, as well as promoting a much healthier environment within the kitchen and bathrooms.

Behind the Fridge

Cockroaches especially love taking up residence behind or under the fridge. They know it rarely ever gets moved, it’s secretive, nice and dusty, and the fridge’s motor offers warmth. Fridges can be major dust collectors, and this build up of dust can eventually impair the fridge’s ability to function at its best. Therefore it’s important to drag that fridge out once in a while and give it, and everything around it, a thorough cleaning.

Under the Furniture

This refers to both the flooring beneath the furniture and the underside of the furniture as well. Dust and cobwebs collect here and it’s a breeding ground for dust mites. Not to mention making life miserable for asthma and allergy sufferers. When vacuuming and mopping, move that furniture, clean the floor beneath it and also suck off the dust and cobwebs that builds up under the furniture.

A Few Other Zones That Get Neglected

  • Bins
  • Curtains and blinds
  • The dishwasher
  • Indoor plants
  • Window frames
  • Shower curtains
  • Phones
  • Air conditioner
  • Washing machine/dryer
  • Ceiling fans

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