15 April 2017 in Blog

DIY Carpet Cleaning Or Hire a Professional

There has always been the option of choosing DIY carpet cleaning or hiring a professional to do it. Many supermarkets rent out carpet cleaning machines and sell the detergents and other cleaning products to get the job done.

But is it really better or more cost-effective to clean those dirty old carpets yourself? Or are you simply better off saving yourself the hassle and hard work by calling in professional carpet cleaners?

Experience and Expertise Count

As a DIY carpet cleaner, how much experience do you really have? Do you hire out a machine and clean your own carpets once a year? Once every 5 years?

Professional carpet cleaners perform the task day in and day out. They know the tricks of the trade, what works and what doesn’t, and how best to remove particular stubborn stains. These skills can only be learned by performing quality carpet cleaning on a regular basis over an extended period of time. And let’s not forget about the industry knowledge and training a professional has acquired and been through.

Superior Carpet Cleaning Equipment

While those supermarket carpet cleaners do an okay job, the results are far from impressive for the most part.

Professional carpet cleaning companies are armed with the very best carpet cleaning equipment. They know what’s required to do a thorough job and achieve the results customers expect. Only the latest and best equipment, coupled with industry experience, can really produce top quality results consistently.

Do those supermarket machines come with built in heaters and a high pressure solution pump with twin vacuum pumps? How about a heavy-duty cleaning head that creates a full vacuum seal against the carpet to effectively extract deep down grime? Not likely you will get this sort of quality in a DIY carpet cleaning machine.

Cleaning Products

Professional carpet cleaning solutions are safe to use on all types of carpets. Pro cleaners will also know just what to use on those stubborn stains and the best methods with which to remove them. The detergents you buy when you hire your supermarket machine are not in the same quality bracket as those used by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Enjoy Your Spare Time – Leave Carpet Cleaning to the Professionals

Our aim at Emerald Cut Cleaning on the Gold Coast is to free up your leisure time so you can get out and enjoy life, spend more time with the kids and just live each day to the full while we do the cleaning for you.

We offer the following quality services:

  • Carpet cleaning Gold Coast
  • Domestic cleaning Gold Coast
  • Office cleaning Gold Coast
  • Cleaning services Gold Coast

We only use the very best carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. Our experienced carpet cleaners will have your carpets looking and smelling clean and fresh and revitalised while you get to relax.

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