5 July 2017 in Blog

Quality Window Cleaning – Not As Easy As It Looks

Perhaps you might be considering getting some window cleaning gear together and spending your Saturday or Sunday cleaning those dirty windows. Would you rather spend your own leisure time cleaning windows, or would you prefer to do something a little more fun and hire professional cleaning services for your window cleaning?

Seriously, it’s not as easy as it looks, but if you insist on giving it a go, here are some tips to make the job easier and help ensure acceptable results.

You Need the Right Gear

Without some half decent window cleaning equipment, getting the job done to your satisfaction without making a complete mess and leaving yourself feeling frustrated will be near impossible.

Some tools you will need include:

  • Detergent
  • A window cleaning mop
  • Quality squeegee
  • Rectangular mop bucket for window cleaning
  • Rags
  • Towel

The towel and rags are for wiping excess water off the squeegee and to mop up drips around the window frames.

Go Online for Some Video Tips

The internet is full of how-to videos for just about everything, and there are plenty on there demonstrating the tricks of the trade when it comes to quality window cleaning. Watch a few of these videos first if you are unsure how to do it right. After that it’s a matter of putting what you learnt into practice. And it will take some practice to do it neatly and effectively.

Another useful tip is not to overfill your bucket as you will be slopping water all over the place. Make it about half full or a bit less. Also, use cold water as hot water will evaporate before you’ve had a change to squeegee it off the glass. The results will be smeary otherwise.

Emerald Cut Cleaning

If you give window cleaning a go and decide it’s not a task you want to perform on a regular basis, then hire professional cleaning services like those offered by Emerald Cut Cleaning. We can help you out with:

  • Cleaning services Gold Coast
  • Domestic cleaning Gold Coast
  • Carpet cleaning Gold Coast
  • Office cleaning Gold Coast

Why spend your spare time cleaning the windows when our professional and expert staff can do it for you in half the time? Your weekends are all about being able to relax, unwind and enjoy life with your friends and family.

Professional cleaning services are our profession. Let us do the hard work for you.

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